Walks in the city center - Walks to fall in love with Vienna!

Junges Paar zu sehen in der Kunstkammer Wien
Junges Paar zu sehen in der Kunstkammer Wien

“Love is about three-quarters curiosity”, said Giacomo Casanova. I am convinced that this is also true for the love of a city.


Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart looked on Saint Stephen's Cathedral from this courtyard. Together, let's discover off-the-beaten-track hidden courtyards, through houses, romantic streets and picturesque squares. Of course, I will show you the most famous sights of the historic center.


The Hofburg Imperial Palace, for over 650 years the main residence of the Habsburgs, is waiting to be discovered. Each of the buildings tells a particular story. For example, the Augustinian Church; what secrets it hides and what you will find there. What is the connection to Venice? Where is the hidden chapel that housed the Vienna Boys Choir for 500 years. What evidence is there of the former fortress from the Middle Ages? The coronation of Saint Stephen. And the Steffl department store is not be missed.




The design options of the tours are almost limitless. Just ask!