I am Gabriella Govrik, born in 1968. I grew up in Transylvania and Hungary.


After finishing my degree in International Relations at the Economic University of Budapest, I came to Vienna in 1991 for a twelve-month program at an Austrian bank and ended up staying. I now live with my family in Bisamberg, just outside the city of Vienna. I have worked for many years in the international banking sector, but have retained my interest in art and history, both of which formed part of my formal studies.


After the birth of my third child I decided to combine my interests and experience and take a new path. In 2013 I completed the four-semester training as a certified tour guide at the Vienna Institute for Economic Promotion. For the first time the course is certified according to European directives.


My new vocation and I are truly a good match and my broad knowledge of my subjects and Viennese history and culture provide a contagious enthusiasm for tour groups and individuals alike.