Guided Tours - What do you get?

When touring this great city, and with so much to choose from, where do you start?


You have arrived in Vienna; a city that you may have wanted to visit for a long time. You may be tired from your trip. You may have studied books about the city and are aware of the large number of historical sites, monuments, memorials, museums; signposts to historical and modern Vienna. It’s hard to choose how to make the best of your time. I can help you choose with a customised program that makes the most of your time and your budget.


You may wish to capture the atmosphere, soul and tastes of this city. You may wish to hear stories about the people of Vienna, past and present. What is worth seeing? What not to miss? You might wonder what is really worth seeing, what I should not miss ? Sometimes the answer is something specially for you; sometimes it is something for everyone.


This is where I come in. I will help you make your selection, according to your interests and time available. Let me satisfy your curiosities or whatever inspires you!


How do we do that?


I can tailor individual or group tour programs to suit a variety of needs and interests: personal, informative, entertaining. It is best to contact me before you set out on your journey, but if you have already arrived in Vienna, it’s never too late!


My job is fun! Allow me to share my enthusiasm with you!